About Us - Facility
Apex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. development is currently operating out of a 6000 sq ft facility in South Plainfield, NJ with easy access to major highways and 4 major international airports, in the heart of the pharma industry. The facility has recently been upgraded to 2500 sq ft of cGMP manufacturing space and into full compliance with US FDA Regulations for manufacturing prescription pharmaceutical products. The facility has a manufacturing annual capacity of several hundred million units.  
The facility is equipped with powder blenders ranging from 2 L to 1200 L; 16 Station and 35 Stations rotary bi-layer tablet press; Fitz mills, multi-mill, co-mill; osculating granulator; dedusters and metal checkers.
Fluid bed system with top spray, bottom spray with würster column, tangent spray rotor system for powder layering, pelleting and coating. High shear bottom mixing granulator and low shear top mixing granulator; 24 inch coating system; Semi-automated capsule filler; cGMP blister packaging unit; 1-L to 300–L mixing tanks for oral solutions and suspensions; high speed homogenizer and various paddle mixers.
The analytical laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology instruments including, with Various HPLC with networked data acquisition server, GC with headspace, utilizing both pack and capillary column, FTIR, standard and microbalances, dissolution systems with automated on-line data acquisition and off-line data acquisition UV/Vis; dissolution system with on-line samplers; various wet chemistry instrumentations.