About Us - Management Team
Noel Teelucksingh - President and Chief Executive Officer  
He joined Apex as its CEO in 2008 and became its President in April of 2009. Noel has over twenty five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both brand and generic; analytical and formulation; and has developed and commercialized dozens of pharmaceutical products. He brings to Apex a wide variety of solid oral dosage form technologies including ODT, IR and MR of tablets and capsules, using matrix, beads and multi-particulates technologies and liquid dosage forms including Oral solution, Ophthalmic and Parenteral. He implemented his strong knowledge in Quality by Design (QbD) and Statistical analysis to design formulation studies to optimize parameters and with a strong background in analytical chemistry, he also implemented QbD techniques in method development and validation. In addition, he has developed a formulation technology to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. His doctoral research in Pharmaceutical Science includes microemulsion technologies, where he stabilized a volatile drug entrapped within a microemulsion nanoparticle. Most recently Noel was a Scientific Formulation Researcher at Novartis and contributed significantly in development, and technology transfer to global manufacturing sites. He contributed significantly to the melt granulation/melt extrusion technology development at Novartis. Noel have significant amount of experience working in a high containment environment, in the development of various oncology products. He contributed to several patents and patent pending technologies; prior to Novartis, he worked at Schering Plough Research Institute/Merck and Sandoz/Eon Labs. Noel started his career in 1988 at Eon Labs as an analytical chemist; quickly move up the ranks to laboratory manager of Research and Development, where he acquired solid expertise in Pharmaceutical Technologies and cGMP/Compliance. Noel earned his Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Long Island University.  
Jay Singh - Vice President Product Development & Manufacturing
He has over twenty years of pharmaceutical industry experience developing branded and generic drugs. His industrial experience covers a vast range of roles. His area of focus is in formulating immediate release and modified release products. He has worked at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, GSK, Halo Pharmaceuticals and Eon Labs. Most recently he was a Project Manager Product Development at Halo Pharmaceuticals managing several clients from early development to scale up for commercial launch. During his time at Novartis he was instrumental in the development of process analytical technology (PAT) and applying Quality by Design (QbD) to develop high quality products. He started his career at Eon Labs and advanced his career to become a group leader within the Research and Development group.
He brings to Apex a wide variety of manufacturing expertise in liquid oral and solid oral dosage forms, specializing in areas of ODT and taste masking. He has expertise in control release solid dosage form development, specialty formulations such as, combination drug therapy with CR with IR pulse, multiple pulse tablets and delay release tablets.
Jay earned his Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Long Island University.
Eric Selander - Business Development
Is the Business Development Consultant for Apex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He joined the company in March of 2012 and has 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Eric has a track record of achieving major product development initiatives at his previous companies. Along with out-licensing and in-licensing generic pharmaceutical formulations Eric has experience in Contract negotiation, Supply Chain, Distribution, API Sourcing and Procurement. Through his career Eric has successfully represented several International Organizations and has a deep understanding of the outsourcing services offered throughout the world. Eric is a graduate of West Virginia University with degrees in Business and Communications.
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